Why Preferred Freezer Services?
Other Certifications and Services
Preferred Freezer Services’ (PFS) commitment to food safety and sustainability extends outside the four walls of the freezer and into the local and global environment. Our Richland, Washington facility earned their Organic Handling Certification from Oregon Tilth in early 2016. Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit organization that helped establish the USDA National Organic Program and is an accredited organic certifier. Certified handling facilities must comply with the USDA’s guidelines by proactively implementing and adhering to holistic, sustainable, and ecologically balanced organic practices.
The Richland facility will be continually assessed in various areas to ensure that warehouse operations are in compliance with the regulations and goals of the USDA from start to finish. Areas of inspection include pest prevention, product traceability, sanitation practices, and adequate separation of organic and nonorganic products to avoid contamination. Standardization of food safety systems across the network promotes these organic best practices in every facility and allows for further certifications in the future. The Organic Handling Certification cements PFS’s place in a healthier food system and adds another layer to our commitment to integrity at every link in the journey of a product.