Why Preferred Freezer Services?
The Finest MIS Systems Available

(Warehouse Management System)
Our systems have been designed to provide our customers with increased visibility to their data.. Customers have access to product inventory and information any time of day, any day of the year. Unlike other warehouse management systems (WMS) our system is built to handle the complexity of a multi-client operation. Our WMS system allows our customers to access their inventory via our “Preferred Online” web portal where they can create custom reports and automate report delivery by email. Customers are also able to view signed Bill of Ladings in real-time due to our advanced signature capturing technology. We also offer EDI integration with all the popular ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics among others in a variety of industry formats.

Telecommunications Network
We utilize an AT&T MPLS network which provides any-to-any connectivity to link all our domestic sites to a single IP network that easily integrates new locations and applications. AT&T’s MPLS network provides us with traffic prioritizations using classes of service (CoS), reliability and flexibility. Our network is also equipped with redundant internet connections utilizing two different ISPs using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). Access to the internet has become mission critical for many organizations and we are no different. Internet connection redundancy ensures that our customers can access their data via our web portal, communicate with us via EDI and email. Fixed wireless 4G connections are also installed at all our sites in the event of an interruption of service in our AT&T landline network.