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Disaster Recovery

Preferred Freezer Services is committed to meeting customers’ needs at all times. In preparation for natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.), the power-outages, and other threats, PFS has taken the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of facility operation, cold-chain integrity, our customers’ business, and communication capability.

We maintain both a production and backup data center as part of our business continuity plan. Both data centers are 100% virtualized making us more agile and responsive to today’s growing business demands. We also utilize EMC SAN’s with SSD’s (Solid State Drives) for storage and Cisco UCS blade servers which have streamlined our server deployment activities. This lets our IT staff devote more of their time to more value added activities that benefit our customers.

Both Data Centers are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and diesel generators so in the event of a sudden power loss, our systems remain running. We also utilize a Novec fire suppression system which is a unique fire extinguishing agent designed to protect both our computer equipment and personnel. It has “zero ozone depletion potential” and a global warming potential of just one.

A Disaster Recovery Plan has been developed and is established in all of our freezers to ensure data recovery. WMS Disaster Recovery includes WMS Real-time replication to a remote location, automated daily replication testing scripts, full disaster recovery simulations performed monthly, daily tape back up, and a state-of-the-art data center. In the event of an outage, satellites are installed at all freezers to provide connectivity to the data center and remote call forwarding enables voice calls to be routed to another freezer. Voice over IP technology is then used to automatically route the calls back to the facility experiencing the outage.