Preferred Freezer Services is Planning for the Future Growth of Frozen Goods

Due to the global boom of frozen goods, Preferred Freezer Services continues to build more cold storage warehouses throughout the United States and Asia. Check out where we are building our future warehouses below. It’s not too early, get in touch with us to plan and reserve your temperature-controlled warehouse space now.

Future PFS Facilities

It’s not too soon. Use the form to find out more information on our Dallas location.
Dallas, Texas

Our Dallas, Texas cold storage location will cover over 169,000 sq. ft. of frozen warehouse space. Visit the construction web cam to view the progress! The Dallas warehouse is opening in August, 2019 but it’s not too early to get in touch with Jesper Jensen to plan and reserve your frozen product space now.

Jacksonville #2

PFS will break ground soon on their second warehouse in Jacksonville. This warehouse will offer XX square feet of cold storage space.

Miami #4

Our fourth warehouse in Miami is under development and construction will begin soon. This cold storage facility will be over xx square feet.

Logan Township, NJ

Logan Township, NJ will offer over 30,000 pallet positions near the Philadelphia region. Opening October 2019.

Houston Gulf Expansion

We are expanding our Houston Gulf Coast cold storage warehouse adding another 25,000 pallet positions.

Richland Expansion

You thought Richland was big at 455,000 sq. ft.? We are adding another 45,000 pallet positions. Completion date August 2019.

More Info on Dallas

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