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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preferred Online?
Preferred Online is a web-enabled query tool for clients of Preferred Freezer Services. With Preferred Online, you can look up the status of an order or receipt, the order or receipt detail, the original bill of lading, tallies, inventory balances, inventory transactions, lot histories, item information and schedule to receive reports, with ability to e-mail or print the information. Preferred Online's drill down capability allows you to drill down multiple levels to find additional details about a receipt, order or item. For example, you can search for a specific lot number and find the lot description, lot quantity on hand, and the lot history.

How Do I Connect to Preferred Online?
Connecting to Preferred Online is simple. From our main website, preferredfreezer.com, click on the Preferred Online icon, and select Log-in. If you experience any difficulties logging in, please read the next question first, then contact Support.

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Email: support@preferredfreezer.com