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Elizabeth, NJ (January 29, 2010) – Since opening the largest fully automated cold storage facility in Southeast Asia earlier this year, Preferred Freezer Services shines like a star from the view of the Phu My Bridge in District 7. While the Phu My Bridge is said to be the most modern bridge in terms of suspension cable technology in Vietnam, Preferred Freezer Services can be described as the most modern refrigerated warehouse with its cutting-edge state-of–the-art automated robotic cranes.

This state-of-the-art automated technology consists of multiple 60 foot cranes capable of working within low temperature cold storage environments of minus 18° Celsius / 0° Fahrenheit. The aisle-changing technology handles high volume storage requirements needed for efficient loading and unloading. The technology offers a computerized inventory tracking system based on barcode technology. This maintains inventory integrity throughout the lifecycle of product movement within the warehouse.

Preferred Freezer Services is the first Public Refrigeration Warehouse Company to offer this automated technology in the United States. Preferred Freezer Services has twenty years (20) of experience specializing in temperature-controlled refrigerated services for importers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers of seafood, meat, chicken, pork, ice cream and butter, among others.

Preferred Freezer Services continues to lead the way by taking automation to the next level. The company differentiates from other cold storage companies by offering new state-of-the-art construction and strategically positions their facilities in major
metropolitan consumer market areas. All Preferred Freezer Services facilities offer backup redundancies to maintain operations in the event of a catastrophic situation, provide online inventory tracking systems that maintain inventory integrity, utilize state-of-the-art technology for rapid inventory retrieval and pursue their commitment to exceptional customer service. As a global public refrigerated warehouse industry leader, building customer relationships and providing first-rate customer service has been a priority and focus for the company since 1989.

Preferred Freezer Services of Vietnam is 100% U.S. owned with a bi-lingual management force that has been cross-trained in the United States for the past year. The company now has two automated facilities operating in the US along with their first
international location in Vietnam. Two additional warehouse facilities are currently underway in China.With its six (6) million cubic feet of negative 5°F refrigerated storage space and 600,000 cubic feet of 35°F dock space, the Ho Chi Minh City facility currently services multinational food companies world-wide.

In 2010, Preferred Freezer Services achieved LEED® Gold Certification for their first fully-automated U.S. facility and continues to design facilities using the most energy efficient refrigeration technology.

Brian Beattie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, adds, “Our first international freezer marks the beginning of our global expansion plan providing temperature controlled warehouses for major food manufacturing companies, strategically located where we can best serve our customers supply chain needs.”

To streamline logistics, Preferred Freezer Services of Vietnam is conveniently located less than one (1) mile from the Phu My Bridge in District 7, 15 minutes from Cat Lai and VICT Ports and 20 minutes from District 1, also known as City Center.

For more information on the Vietnam facility, contact Paul Montero, Sales Director at +84 8 3773-3303 or For more information on all facilities, please visit or contact Daniel DiDonato at 973-820-4040.

About Preferred Freezer Services: Preferred Freezer Services, headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, is dedicated to designing, constructing and operating state-ofthe-industry temperature controlled warehouses throughout the United States and Asia. Preferred Freezer Services has grown from a single facility in 1989 to 27 locations with additional facilities planned. Preferred Freezer Services operates facilities in New York/New Jersey, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Vietnam and expanding to China.