PFS Logistics enables a seamless business process for our customers for inbound and outbound container movements.

For inbound port drayage movements, PFS Logistics will react to the arrival notice or other notification of container availability at the port (including a standard load tender/acceptance process for both drayage and shuttle moves), pick up the container upon customs release, and manage the drayage. Internally, PFS Logistics will schedule an appropriate container delivery appointment at its freezer facility, then confirm the delivery, unload the shipment, and return the empty container while striving to mitigate many of the costly penalties associated with a container.

For export drayage, the process is managed in a similar fashion. Once we are informed of the pending load and receive the booking number, we pick up the empty container at the port, deliver it to our freezer, then conclude the process by providing drayage back to the port and confirm the delivery to you.

Every milestone in the process will be tracked, any exceptions highlighted, and all status information made available to you on all of your shipments. PFS Logistics provides you with turn-key transportation management -- we become your single point of responsibility for cold chain logistics, with total visibility to each step of the process and every event in the cycle.