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Newark, NJ (February 2004) –¬†Preferred Freezer Services has developed a state-of-the-art system to automate the Take Weight projects. This system is linked into electronic scales and our computer network. It enables us to track every piece and every pound by bar code, down to a hundredth of a pound. Whether you want us to handle burlap bags or cardboard cases, we will be able to track all random weights. Customized reports are readily available to the customer and to the Preferred management team. This system eliminates all human error and will make all your inbound tallies and outbound shipments 100% accurate. This will ensure that the weight you pay for is what you receive. It will also ensure that what you ship to your customers is what you will get paid for. It will simplify the way you do business.

There are 5 different reports available with this streamlined system:

A summary of weights received with average weights by lot.

A summary of weights received with shipment detail by date shipped.

A summary of a lot received.

A summary of a lot received with shipment detail by date shipped.

A summary of what shipped on any given Bill of Lading.

If you would like to find out more about Preferred’s Automated Take Weights System, please contact Mike Giacopelli or Dan DiDonato at (201) 915-3300 or email us at or

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